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about Sandira Michael

Please feel free to contact me about any of our workshops or to train as a Certified Sound Therapist. Include your phone number and will will be happy to call or set up a Zoom meeting.

We are based in London NW, United Kingdom

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Sandira Michael CVSMT, is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher with Soma Energetics, and The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

A Reiki Master, and a Shamanic Therapist.

She has been the MD of Chi Sound Healing for 10 years.

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Master vibrational sound teacher certifi
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Benjamine McIntosh

A really energizing course, well presented and delivered. I look forward to spreading this into my naturopathic practise. Keep up the good work Sandira. Your are creating an army of leaders.

I am a naturopathic nutritionist and acupuncturist, I wanted a healing modality to compliment the above which focused on the chakras and human frequencies. By chance I came across the course run by Sandira in the light paper. The course ran over two days by the last day I had grasped the therapy sequence using the solffego tuning forks which on day one I thought it to be impossible. The ability to harbour this therapy in two days is q testamount to the experience and keen eye of Sandira. She has a wealth of experience in sound therapy which she incorporated into the learning material. So if your looking to enhance your practice get booked in money well invested

Jaqueline Velho.jpg

Jaqueline Velho

My experience was incredible I am absolutely in love with all I learned and I am looking forward to learn more with Sandira. She have so much knowledge to share and she is very passionate about it. I hope to see her soon for the next step. I want more 😀🙏🏼 Thank you very much Sandira. Blessings Jackie

Wren Velvie.jpg


Sandira was warm, welcoming and had a wonderful energy. You learn alot of new information for just a weekend and really get to work with the practical side too. Sandira supports you the whole way whilst also giving you the space to notice your own mistakes and correct them yourself. Highly recommended to anyone interested in sound healing, frequencies, solfeggio and holistic health!

Bubling well _edited.jpg

Nat Fonnesu

Being partially deaf, taking the tuning forks training was a sort of personal challenge to stretch my experiences and knowledge. Not forgetting that each training day is also a healing day. I personally experienced Sandira's sound healing sessions in groups and in 1 to 1 settings and I have the utmost respect for her knowledge, experience in a variety of therapies and healing gifts. Chi Sound Healing School is highly recommended also for the contained structure in the small classes, as it allows full participation and practise of each person and everyone can receive generous attention.


tibetan singing bowl playing.jpg

Lynne Kayenne
Studio Africa

This was so great, being in Sandira's home. She made us tea and made it so comfortable for us, and then she taught us the mechanics, the history of the Tibetan healing bowl and also taught the practical which was amazing and she was so patient with us as i didn't know what i was doing half the time but she would show us it as long as she needed to for us to get it. I loved being able to play all her bowls and  she also showed us all the different ways to play with a bow as well. She also gave us good advice about where to buy and links. I am happy to say I own a bowl now and playing it to calm my nervous system and heal myself further. I am so grateful and thankful for your insight and your wisdom.

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