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Phase Two

Soma Energetics Vibrational Sound Course

On completion of Phase one, we introduce you to the weighted body tuning forks and the following techniques.

  • Aura/ Energy Scanning Technique

  • Chakra Stone Relaxation

  • Acupressure Points

  • Wisdom of the body

  • 3rd Eye and Heart opening

  • Integrating phase one and two techniques

Path to Certification and Licensing

On completion of Phase two, a small online exam and 10 client forms being submitted, the student can then complete the Online Correspondence course with,  consisting of,

  • Professional Practices

  • Professional Ethics

  • Informed consent forms

The Student then becomes a Certified Soma Energetics Sound Therapist. This is an international accredited Certification. You will be listed internationally on the Soma Energetics Website.

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